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Lets just remind ourselves that finn was locked up for wasting a months supply of oxygen.  That means the ark would have had another month before having to kill off people. That means the ark would have seen the 100’s fireworks and no one would have had to die. But finns excuse? His little space walk was a lot of fun.

Im sorry i just cant handle finn he is a total douche bag. People say bellamy needs to redeem himself, but the i think finn redeeming himself is the only way i will dislike him a little less. And dont even get me started on how he handled the whole Raven/Clarke thing.

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I’m pretty sure the reason Chloe/Paige and Christi/Kelly haven’t been seeing each other in person due to scheduling conflicts not to them not wanting to see each other. In a meet and greet video I watched, Chloe said that Paige was supposed to hang out with her earlier that day, but it didn’t work out. Chloe and Paige have been posting screenshots of them face timing and other pictures of each other talking about how much they miss each other, I’m sure they’d hang out if they could.

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THE FOOT the foot the foot the mothertrucking foot

I saw your tags so 






I think that really speaks volumes about how close Christi and Kelly really are…I mean if they were REALLY best friends they would still hang out no matter what Abby said…she cant control them outside of ALDC.

Im sure Paige/Chloe and even Brooke would hang out all the time still if they could but they are kids so their parents have to drive them or get together for them to hang out.

I feel like it also may have to do with the contract with Collins / lifetime… And possibly Abby’s contract too, but this is all a guess on my end.

Collins Avenue would only have say with things that have to do with the show…they have no rule over them when the cameras are off (except for like confidentiality stuff)

Also what is Abby/Collins Avenue going to do? Fire them or sue them…you cant sue people for seeing their friends and Christi claims to want out of the show so firing wouldnt be a big deal.

Also Chloe has no contract with the ALDC she is not on the regular competition team and she just takes classes there.

The girls werent banned from seeing eachother before so unless a WHOLE NEW contract was drawn up after Kelly leaving then Abby or Collins Ave really doesnt have ANY say in who Christi and Chloe see when the cameras arent rolling.

True, I didn’t really think of that. Maybe it’s just them leaving was the ending to their friendships which is really sad.

TBH you could kinda already see them drifting apart through the seasons, off camera. A lot of people grow apart from their childhood best friend, it’s sad but it’s a part of life, contracts or not(:

Maybe the other girls and Brooke/Paige have grown apart but Chloe has not grown apart from either of them .She was the only one to make a really sweet post about Brooke’s 16th birthday on her instagram. It was a huuge collage which meant she probably took the time to go find all the pictures. And her and Paige are constantly posting tbt with twinnie! or I miss twinnie! or we are actually kind of twins except for not being born together for national sibling day. So no they are still really close. I’m assuming this may have something to do with the lawsuit and lifetime. Something stopping them from hanging out in person but obviously they can still text and call each other. 

Komova injured



So basically, it’s true: Vika is injured again. Nastya received a question about the nominative list, and says, paraphrased, that Komova injured her ankle in training after Nationals. She will be needing surgery and will go to Germany at the end of april, right after Nastya gets her surgery. She also adds that she would not have answered the question if Vika wasn’t ok with people knowing.

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Chloe answers does she ever feel left alone. Considering she doesn’t say no I’m assuming she does BUT she’s somewhat ok with it because she’s having fun with her school friends, with her mom and her other dance friends like the Pents. They may not the other dm girls but they are still her best friends. 


"Chloe can’t do leaps!

"Chloe isn’t flexible!

"Chloe can only do coupes!

"Chloe’s improv is just Abby choreography and repetitive!

"Chloe can’t do acro!”

"Chloe isn’t improving!"

Abby only gives Chloe bad choreography because it’s all she can do!


You don’t have to like Chloe and she doesn’t have to be your favorite, but that doesn’t mean you can degrade her and put her down just because of that. She, along with all of the girls on that show, is an amazing dancer with lots of talent!


If what happened at that competition with Abby attempting to get the judges to change Chloe’s scores is true, I can completely understand why some people believe that Abby would constantly set Chloe up to fail. 

I mean, seriously, this is the child’s own teacher whose disbelief in how well she did led her to request lower scores. She wanted her own student to come in a lower place, she wanted her to fail. 

This is not fair and if you really chalk this all up to people “blowing it out of proportion,” you have no idea what you’re talking about. 

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No but this is exactly what I was thinking! Imagine Michael hearing about Ricky’s retirement and going like: damn, we can’t loose the 4x200m free too?!

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